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Between 2007 and 2010, AEDA researchers became involved with the Coral Triangle initiative. A number of projects compatiable with, and supported by, AEDA developed from this. They are briefly described below, and each has an information sheet availabe by clicking on the link provided.

Development of, and training in, marine reserve design tools (Marxan and Marxan with zoning) and conservation resource allocation methods. Professional exchange opportunities exist for conservation managers, technical experts, academics, and students.  Full project details
Focusing regional marine conservation: merging seascape genetics and biophysical modeling within a graph-theoretic framework and Coral reef connectivity & conservation: an empirical and theoretical synthesis Full project details
Marine conservation planning for persistent coral reef communities: Incorporating connectivity and resilience Full project details
 Prioritizing Land- and Sea-based conservation investments to protect coral reefs in the Coral Triangle Full project details
Conservation planning for resilient coral reefs Full project details
Toward ecosystem-based management: multi-objective conservation planning for biodiversity conservation and sustainable fisheries in Raja Ampat, Papua Full project details

AEDA Review coverIn 2009 we conducted an independant review.  Read the panel's comments HERE. A summary of AEDA's work is also available: Part 1 (3.7Mb) - Part 2 (3.8Mb)